333: Support

Pottery Witch

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Seeing 333 shows itself to those about to embark into deep magnetic creativity. It is important that you know your guides hear you, have heard you, and are sending support (likely in an unexpected way - don't look for it you will know when it happens!). I hope you enjoy this creative space, it may feel a little like blooming. The world needs your creative expression and perspective especially now. You are valuable here. 

Do you often see repetitive numbers out of the corner of your eye? Do you glance up at the right time, at the right moment in the right place and catch the message before it suddenly disappears? Numerology is a collective experience. Moments where you connect with an angel number are one of the quickest ways to connect to your guides and receive intuitive downloads.

Each piece is personally handcrafted and one of a kind. Sizes vary, and imperfections are likely to be present because of the handmade nature of the piece. Each piece is wheel thrown, trimmed, assembled, fired, glazed, fired, lustred (if gold is present), and fired again. The process takes a month to two months to complete.


Height: 5"

Width: 4"

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: If you are located outside of Canada & the US please allow up to 4 to 12 Weeks shipping for your piece to arrive. All packages automatically receive tracked shipping at checkout.

Handwash Only, not compatible with microwave or dishwasher

Materials: All materials used are food safe and fired to Cone 6.