Intuitive 6 (DISCOUNTED)

Pottery Witch

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***Discounted for accidental glaze drip on the moth wing.  This does not interfere with the integrity of the mug.

This mug honours our primal intuitive nature. The voice that speaks without speaking. The truth we feel in our bones. The moon represents the life, death, and rebirth cycle that we see unfolding in our everyday lives. Moth's are guided by sensory instinct, some believe they orient themselves using the moon, others believe they are the souls of our ancestors. This mug urges moving inward and learning to trust your instinct. 

Each mug is personally handcrafted and one of a kind. Sizes vary, and imperfections are likely to be present because of the handmade nature of the piece. Each piece is wheel thrown, trimmed, assembled, fired, glazed, fired, lustred (if gold is present), and fired again. The process takes a month to two months to complete.


Width: 4"

Height: 4.5"


INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: If you are located outside of North America please allow 4-16 Weeks shipping for mug to arrive. This will be automatically defaulted to untracked shipping unless you purchase the tracked shipping package on my site. 


Handwash Only


Materials used: all materials used are food safe, cone6 glazes and clay