PREORDER: The 8th House

Pottery Witch

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PREORDERS AVAILABLE - this mug is not currently ready for purchase but is in the process of being created! It takes up to one month to complete this design from start to finish so the estimated time for completion is near Valentines Day if you are comfortable with waiting.

With preorders there are a few disclaimers about the piece you should know about before deciding to purchase:


  1. The shape and size of the mug will look different to the one pictured here but the design will be handpainted for you! The mug silhouette will be replicated as best as possible but there will be differences as my technique evolves with the work. Due to the handmade nature of the piece all of my work is unique in a mug by mug basis. ♥ Sizing details are listed below.

Sizing Details

Piece will hold between 16-20oz

Height: will vary between 4" - 5"

Width: will vary between 3.5" - 4"

  1. There is the possibility for failure right at the finish line. Pottery is a humbling teacher and sometimes it will be the very last step that will render a piece no longer viable so I like to set the expectation that there is the possibility of it taking an additional month should the piece not make it through the firing process. (I make extra pieces to compensate for this as best I can, however). 
  1. Preorders are non-refundable once the firing process has begun because the kiln space has now been designated toward your purchase

This design reflects big emotional wells, regeneration, and transformation. We experience little deaths within ourselves as we evolve in this lifetime. The journey confronts us in those moments with harsh truths that come up for us through very human things like our jealousies, the climax of our rage, our insecurities - these emotionally charged, deeply beautiful, vast depths of emotion help equip us with the gift of emotional intelligence. Duty and Obligation live in The 8th House, as well as Sex, Money and Death. 

Each piece is personally handcrafted and one of a kind. Sizes vary, and imperfections are likely to be present because of the handmade nature of the piece. Each piece is wheel thrown, trimmed, assembled, fired, glazed, fired, lustered (if gold is present), and fired again. The process takes a month to two months to complete.


INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: If you are located outside of Canada & the US please allow up to 4 Weeks shipping for your piece to arrive. All packages automatically receive tracked shipping at checkout.

Handwash Only, not compatible with microwave or dishwasher

Materials: All materials used are food safe and fired to Cone 6 except for the gold lustre on the outside of the piece.