The Moon XVIII

Pottery Witch

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***Discounted for cosmetic crack where the clay card is lifted from the mug (See photos for detail!). The glaze on the outside of the mug (near the top) has a light application so you can feel the texture of the clay underneath in some parts (Outside only). 

The Moon XVIII Tarot - Intuition; secrets, confusion.

Intuition plays a large role in our safety, our environment, our nervous system. This tarot card invites us to take our time making decisions because it's okay to move slowly through a period of illusion and confusion. Sometimes there is danger that can lurk in the dark but Mother Moon is there to help guide the way for she is your intuitive nature: the voice that speaks the truth without speaking. If you're pulling this card you're being asked to trust yourself. 


Height: 5.25"

Width: 3.5"

Each piece is personally handcrafted and one of a kind. Sizes vary, and imperfections are likely to be present because of the handmade nature of the piece. Each piece is wheel thrown, trimmed, assembled, fired, glazed, fired, lustred (if gold is present), and fired again. The process takes a month to two months to complete.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: If you are located OUTSIDE of Canada & the US please allow up to 4 to 12 Weeks shipping for your piece to arrive. All packages automatically receive tracked shipping at checkout. Typical arrival time is 2 weeks or less.

Handwash Only

Materials: All materials used are food safe and fired to Cone 6.